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Ready-made companies

What is a ready-made company and why should you purchase a ready-made company?

In case of acquiring a ready-made company, you can commence with the economic activities already on the same day, although registry changes will take a couple of days. Making a 2,500 euro contribution to the share capital is not required immediately, as we will pay the share capital required upon foundation.
Ready-made company with a contributed share capital can pay out dividends and increase its share capital if desired; a private limited company founded without a contribution to the share capital may not do so.

Ready-made companies for sale meet the following terms and conditions:

  • share capital 2,500 euros;
  • is not a person liable for value added tax;
  • has not acquired and does not have economic activities;
  • does not have any claims, liabilities or arrears.

Electronic purchase of a ready-made company

All the companies that we offer for sale (excl. companies with previous operations) can be acquired electronically by signing all the documents digitally in the Company Registration Portal of the Commercial Register. This enables you to acquire a ready-made company without leaving home or the office. All buyers and members of the board must be able to provide digital signatures. This is the fastest, simplest and cheapest form of transaction. Convenient and time-saving!

Please contact us to order the service.

Notarised purchase of a ready-made company

Notarised purchase of a ready-made company will take a little more time and is more expensive due to notary’s fees. Yet, this form of transaction is inevitable if even one buyer or member of the board is unable to provide their digital signature.

Please contact us to order the service.

Ready-made companies for sale as at 13.08.2020:

Name Reg. code Foundation
ÜLEMISTE VANAKE 14842257 05.11.2019  
VAINELA 14858264 28.11.2019  
NÕMMOJA 14895226 22.01.2020  
LENAVA 14894981 22.01.2020  
TUULEJÕE 14894432 22.01.2020 reserved
VIKONTA 14894478 22.01.2020 reserved
KEVATAR 14894550 22.01.2020  
LEPMETSA 14924481 28.02.2020  
RALOKE 14924860 28.02.2020  
KANIRA 14924860 28.02.2020  
OKSARAO 14924535 28.02.2020  
LAVEVAL 14924618 28.02.2020 reserved

Companies with prior operations and/or companies that are liable to value added tax for sale as at 13.08.2020:

Name Foundation
VAT Status Price
Kavering OÜ 2014 no reports are submitted,
no debts;
395 euros
AS Eesti Tekstiil 1996 yes reports are submitted,
no debts
bank accounts (SEB, Swedbank);
internet domains
registered trademark;

3900 euros

Ready-made companies, which will coming for sale:

Name Date Status


Please contact us to order the service.